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I was 103.5 kg in February when I met Doctor Meenakshi Tiwari. She put me on a diet program and with her guidance, I am now 89 kg. Feeling very energetic and have started Jogging 10 KMs and cycling 25 KMs. Thanks a lot, Dr. Meenakshi.

- Pankaj Bhatiya

I m joining vessel today night from South Korea. All of a sudden they planned. In between, they called me, in my medicals my weight was 90kg. All due to your guidance I lost 8 kg in 18 days Thanks a lot.

- Pawan Kumar


Pawan's a Merchant Navy officer. During his dieting, he lost 22kg in 2 months, under my guidance last year. This year during his vacation he pulled off another amazing feat of losing 8kg in 18 days with the help of our diet plans.We congratulate Pawan for his unwavering will and his dedication to pursuing a healthy life.

Diets by ma'am have been really effective. Also, the diet plans never make me crave or starve for my favourite food. I have been able to overcome my vitamin deficiencies due to which I am able to have better, healthier and happier lifestyle.

- Kajal Kaur

Very very good Dietician for diet.

- Manoj

Friendly in nature the best person I ever meet.

- Nipun Kalra

Gives ample of time to patient and explain diet with precision.

- Shri


Mam, you are a goddess for me. You recreated my life... Thank you so much for your constant support Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor. I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being... Thanks..

- Deepali

Consulting Meenakshi mam for weight loss and following her diet is the best decision I have ever taken. She made sure I was comfortable with the diet as she included variety in the meals and plans them according to my night shift schedules. Her aim is not just to help you lose weight but also makes sure that the immune system improves and your skin and hair get proper nutrition. For me, she has always been a great counselor who never let me feel low.

- Sahiba Kukreja

She is an amazing person..helped me to lose 22kg in just Two months..all by natural ways. Due to her guidance and my hard work, I cleared my medicals with very good standards..and I got my promotion. Who so ever seriously want to improve their personality must visit her. Thanks a lot, mam.

- Pawan Kumar


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