Why Clarified Butter (Ghee) is Good for you?

  • People had forgotten the good old benefits of eating Clarified Butter. And because of lower Clarified Butter consumption, people are allowing ailments like hair fall, skin dryness, dandruff and joint pains in their body. Everyone should consume about 1-1 ½ TSP oil (Mustard, Sesame, or Coconut) and 2-3 TSP Clarified Butter to keep your body running.
  • If we observe the old traditions of eating food, we cannot underestimate the significance of Clarified Butter. Clarified Butter helps in fulfilling the protein absorption in the body by mixing it with cereals. Clarified Butter can reduce the Glycemic value of rice and chapatti thus help in reducing fat and increasing good fat.
  • If you can’t able to sleep well or having a frequent headache or migraine, you need to increase the calcium intake and before that, you need to check-up on your vitamin D3. If Vitamin D3 is not adequate, your body can’t absorb the calcium properly.

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