What I Wish Everyone Knew About Cashews (Kaju).

When we talk about dry fruits, we tend to keep walnuts, pistachios and hazelnuts and other nuts & seeds in a healthy category but Cashews always had a bad rap of increasing Cholesterol and obesity.

Cashews are mostly used in traditional food for dressing and garnishing. From time to time, Cashews are blamed for many wrong reasons but it’s a good friend. Cashews have a wide range of phytosterols and fatty acid which works as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-cancerous for the human body.

Cashews used for Garnishing

In India, people use to believe Oats as much more nutritional than cashews because the farmers aren’t able to advertise the Cashews they grow with beautiful looking models like big companies advertises oats.

Cashew fruits contain more Iron than Spinach and more Vitamin C than Orange. These facts are not written in books because farmers don’t know how they can sell the juice made from Cashew fruits and can earn their livelihoods.

Some famous apps created by doctors used to promote videos of avocados and olives which increases much more fat and cholesterol. We’re not aware of the benefits of our Indian born dry fruits which contains much more nutrition than western fruits.

Some Facts about Cashews

  • Cashews are rich in Iron, Magnesium, copper, vitamin E, phytosterol, vitamin B, and low glycerine. 
  • When 4-5 Cashews are eaten with milk before bed, it helps in good sleep and helps to avoid cramps during sleep.
  • Gargling by water boiled with the leaves of Cashews helps in good oral health, removes bad breath and helps in avoiding infection in gums and teeth.

Cashews help apples to become more fleshy and juicy which is rich in Vitamin C thus working as an immunity booster and helps to avoid oral ulcer, cavity and the intestine ulcer. Cashews are eaten as dry fruits as well as used for dressing on various Indian foods like porridge (halwa), sweets, and other desserts.

Niro and Feni

Niro is just a non-alcoholic drink helps in boosting immunity and Feni is made by fermenting which is alcoholic but increases the microbes in intestines means it improves the gut health.

Now when you want to eat dry fruits, don’t forget to eat some Cashews as well because Health is wealth.

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