Here’s What No One Tells You About Rice.

Rice is an unbreakable part of every tradition and custom in Indian society. Tilak, Holi, Deepawali, Sisters placing shoots of rice on brother’s forehead in Raksha Bandhan to the Barkat rice tossed backwards in daughter’s farewell.

When rice is a part of every auspicious work then why people are removing the rice from their diets. Rice can be eaten in so many ways by simply mixing it with Salt and Ghee or in a royal way by making biryani or can be mixed with any lentils or pulses. Rice of every style, age, opportunity, category is falling apart from our food.

Why rice is falling apart?

Some people from the nutritional industry has sacrificed the benefits of rice for recognition and marketing.

Rice contains an essential amino acid –Lysine in an increased amount which plays an important role in body-building and growth. In the first eight years of life, it’s important and must for growth, immunity, digestion, proper height and bone density.

Children after 6 months had been given water mixed with rice or lentils before our grandmother’s time and that’s why children after 6 months can start eating some food.

Things You Must Know About RICE

  • It increased the growth of probiotic bacteria in intestines which makes the bowel movement easy. That’s why Polenta (Khichdi) is recommended when suffering from digestive problems.
  • It stops premature wrinkling.
  • Improves hair growth.
  • It contains Inositol vitamin which acts as a fat burner, anti-anxiety and reduces irritability.

What Type of Rice You Should Eat?

You can eat Hand pounded or Single Polished rice or sometimes Brown Rice which contains rough fibre.

If you prefer cooked rice then don’t remove the starch as it promotes good digestion. If still, you removed the starch then don’t throw it away instead drink it by mixing it with salt and roasted cumin seeds which is beneficial for your Gastrointestinal tract’s probiotics and it’s rich in Vitamin B which helps in metabolic process.

Starch from rice also works as an anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant for your face. That’s why include rice in your diet.

Therefore, from god to humans, everyone needs rice.

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