Here’s What No One Tells You About Fruits.

  • We tend to ignore the sweetest fruits because sweetest fruits tend to increase our weight instead of decreasing it. Because of some wrong misconceptions, we aren’t able to get the best nutrition which results in a deficiency. Fruit like bananas are the enemies of weight-conscious people but if we see the benefits of eating a banana, it can improve our life.
  • Mostly, we observed tennis players eating pieces of banana. Banana is the best source of instant energy. Banana is packed with a good amount of potassium which is good for the bones and makes the intestines soothing thus helping in avoiding IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It’s a good example of pre-biotic.
  • If eaten on an empty stomach, banana increases the metabolism thus, helping in weight loss. If eaten in the afternoon, it reduces the food cravings as well as gives nutrition. That’s why banana should be consumed.
  • Banana can be consumed in many different ways. In South India, people use to make dishes from the banana stem, banana flower and ripe banana as well as snacks. They use banana leaf as their plate to eat food on. They follow a beautiful tradition, they maintain the taste of food as well as hygiene.
Banana shouldn’t be seen as an enemy but as a friend.

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